How do you normally dress?

I don't know why but this interests me. Lately I've been bumming around. I usually dress in jeans and a sweater. If I'm going for an interview a suit. But I was just curious.


Name brand label or money in your pocket?

Recently I had a fun experience shopping. I found a supper cute wallet that was only $10 and looked as good as some pretty expensived wallets. Which leaves the question would...

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Child slogan T-shirts

What are your views on child slogan T-shirts , there has been debate over children wearing clothes that say things such as : been on the inside for 9 months Party in my crib...

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Babys first halloween......

Halloween is coming up and its our babies first one......just woundering if anyone is dressing up there little ones, and if you are what are you dressing them as......Evan is...


Does anyone else have an issue on how their SO dresses?

I just want to know that I'm not the only one. It's 15C here today and my DH is wearing some ratty green cargo shorts and a dark blue t-shirt. If he goes out later he'll put on...

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Dressing your kid

Do you dress your kid "child"-like? Or do you dress them as a mini adult? My mom was giving me a bit of flack this weekend, saying that I dress my 2-year old in such dull...

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Where do you shop for toddle clothing?

My daughter's growth and weight gain are finally steadying so I need to get her some clothes that will last a while. What stores or brands do you prefer or try to avoid for...


just for fun -fashion crimes

what do you see on people and just want to arrest them? i just heard a funny segment where some one said that anyone sporting a camel toe should be sent to a game park and shot,...

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dress codes

I was invited to my friend's wedding on the weekend. Anywho my husband is like "what's the dress code?". Since when do weddings have a "dress code"... since when is it polite to...

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How important are looks

We all know people can be judgmental , especially women so when it comes to your appearance how important is it to you ? do you believe your appearance is an extension of your...

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Random Chat #98

Today or Yesterday depending on the time zone, is Nikki S.'s birthday. Lets all wish her a happy birthday if you havent already. Thanks people.

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Yummy Mummies?

Are you a yummy mummy? Do you feel there is a certain "look" for moms to adhere to? Do you think that once you are a mommy you should no longer look too yummy? Personally I...

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So, the ex is planning a trip to Canada this summer. I resigned myself to this, given I have no voice. Ex’s time, ex gets to plan the activity. But, now I have learned the...

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Why must my daughter wear pink?!

I went to try and buy some nice shoes for my 1 year old daughter, who has just started walking, last week. The shop assistant, after mistaking my little girl for a boy (she was...


Uniforms in public school?

What are your thoughts? The other thread, "Single sex or Co-ed" got me thinking. I think Sara mentioned that even the public schools had been enforcing uniforms for about 15...


Flipping inappropriate clothing for kids...

So I was shopping today and saw a shirt for little girls that "pop it like it's hot"....I really don't care that it had two pop tarts and a toaster..we all know the songs drop...

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Twilight Game

So here's how it goes, I will post a question about the book and someone answers it and posts their own question along with it. Where was Edward born?