tea +

steep a small handfull of dried lemon balm leaves with a bag or teaspoon of breakfast tea. Add honey , and vanilla soy-milk to whiten,...like earlgrey,..but different! :-) I...


natural gas solutions

my 2 week old just started getting really gassy. I know it isn't my diet, I eat an all organic whole food diet and have cut milk out completely, he is just a normal baby with...


how to cure cough for a 16 months old?

my 16 months old has a cough that started as a tickle but now became quite chesty.he has frequent attacks and sometimes it wakes him up at night. ive been giving him the tyxilix...

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morning sickness...what to do

im pregnant with my second child and im only 8 weeks..im finally going threw the morning sickness..what do all you mommies do when you have morning sickness? i drink gingerale...

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Sick & Breastfeeding

I've been sick for nearly a week now with flu like symptoms, sore throat, cough, low grade fever, etc. My doctor has told me that the onlyway I can take medication is not...



My 5 yr old daughter has excema on her bum. Our pediatrician has tested her for food allergies. She came back negative for any food allergies. Does any mother have any...


chicken pox hell!!!!help!!!

my 3 yr old has chicken pox,just wondered on any idaes how to soothe the iching.She just crying and in discomfort all the time.Ive tried calamine lotion and warm baths.