Pain test for Expectant Mums

Women preparing to give birth may soon be able to have a genetic test that predicts how much pain they are likely to experience and the sort of painkillers they will need....

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Is it cultural..take different tribes in Africa..overweight women are well respected and even in the black community over here, having a booty and nice size butt, while...

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Help Please!!!!!

I have a 7 month old daughter and she is my world, her and her 2 year old brother...... Her biological father a sperm donor, yes a sperm donor started denying her when i told...

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diagnosing PPD

Hi Moms! I'm wondering if anyone can help me out. I have been feeling lately like I may have some degree of PPD but it's almost like I feel embarassed to even begin to bring it...


Should I contact my daughter's paternal grandma?

My daughter is about to be a year and her father is absent in her life. I'm curious to know if I should contact his mother and let her know that she has a granddaughterI just...

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fighting sleep

My little girl is almost 8 months old and has fought sleep of any kind since around 4 months. She is a little busy body and likes to sit up and watch everybody and everything...

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breastfeeding a preemie

my daughter was born at 24 weeks. She's been home from the hospital about 3 weeks. I would love to breastfeed primarily but she is just not an efficient sucker and the...


2 Week Notice - Is This Even Ok??

I was hired by a company in December, and at the time was obviously pregnant (6mos). They sat my 'start date' for January 11TH, when I was even more pregnant(7mos). I spoke to...

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Biting... help!!!

I have twins, and have been successful at tandem nursing! They are now 10 1/2 months, (8 1/2 mo. corrected) I breastfed my daughter for 2 yr. 9 mo.... I really wanted to...

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giving up morning nap.

LO has been fighting his afternoon nap so bad this past week. He has always napped in the morning very well... 9:30-11:00.. on the dot. Thing is. the past 4 months he has been...

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Hello mom's... well I have a weight problem and I dont feel comfortable with it. at this moment I am on a diet and I am doing ok on it, but.... I want to see results faster!!...

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my son is always constipated

my son will be 8 months on the 23 of this month. We have had problems with his bowels since he was about 1 month old, when he was 2 months we took him to vanderbuilt in...


to circumcise or not to circumcise

so i have considered not having my son circumcised when he is born. my thinking is that in some ways its a mutilation to his private parts, one that he doesnt get a say in, and...

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