Not talking yet.

My daughter was born on January 8th 2008. She is wonderful. I am very nervous becasue she is not saying anything except uh-oh. I had her in the doctor yesterday for her 15...


Hello moms!

My baby, whom is 7 years of age was recently diagnosed with ADHD. We've just started a medication regimen and I would love to speak to others with children the same age and...



Hello, and welcome to the Twins community! My name is Heather, I am the community administrator. My fraternal twin girls will be 3 on December 8th! They have 2 older...

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trying to sit up

wow my little girl is 3 1/2 months old and is already trying to sit up on her own. i propped her up with a pillow and when i moved back and watched her she was trying to force...


need help

I am a stay at home mom with two amazing kids. Ryan (autistic) will be three this month and Jaylyn just turned one. We are in very tuff financial times as are most ppl right...


abusive dad = abusive kid?

My son's father has been and continues to be extremely abusive. We have not lived together for a while now but whenever dad is around my 3.5 yr old becomes extremely badly...


I need help with a sick 17 month old

My daughter has had many hospital visits since she was born. She has been sick all the time and I don't know what to do anymore. She has an over active glad in her stomach. That...


full custody or attempt visitation again?

My sons father and I went through court for visitation in 2011, where he was supposed to have my son every monday, wednesday and friday from 3-7 pm which only lasted a few...

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Discipline and punishments

I know this may be a controversial subject, but I was wondering if any mom's here had older children (9 years of age or older) and how they discipline them. What punishments do...

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I am 32 weeks and 5 days along, and just took a terrible fall in my closet. My foot hit the door, which caused me to fall belly first onto my dresser which then caused me to...

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I'm a hairdressing lecturer fully qualified with 7 years teaching and 16 years industry experience and looking to start a business in prevention of headlice and treating them in...


Sperm Donors

I'm not talkin about guys that get a girl pregnant and leave - I'm talkin about guys that go to the building, get off in a cup and a woman chooses his donation to be the sperm...

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I want to have a second child

Hi, I have never posted on here before but, I was just wondering what others thought. I have a cutie little boy that is the sparkle in our eye. He will be four next month and...

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