Problems with Zantac....

My almost 2 year old son was just diagnosed with acid reflux(they haven't gone so far as to call it GERD yet) yesterday morning. He's been vomiting at completely random times...


Zantac Syrup for reflux

Have just started my 4 month old on zantac for her reflux and have not seen any improvement yet. has anyone used this before and what where your experiences, how long to notice...



my daughter has the reflux disorder and it confusing does anyone now more about it

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Has anyone else had a baby with reflux s thats cried all day long?

Started by Kristy on 01/17/2010 in May 2009 Babies

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does anyone else baby still spit up??

when he was first born we tried formula after formula and he just doesn't keep it down... dr says he has acid reflex and gave him meds well that didn't work.. is there something...


Reflux anyone?

Hi everyone, my daughter Holly has suffered from reflux since about 4 wks of age. (probably earlier when I think back to all the crying after feeds and vomits!). She has been on...

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Spitting up/Reflux?

Hey all! Owen started spitting up again all of a sudden. He had reflux when he was born up until about 7 months old, when he was sitting up more and crawling...but as of a...


Heartburn :(

This is my third pregnancy, with my first two I had little to no heartburn but with this one I've had heartburn everyday for the last week. It usually begins in the afternoon...

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Constant spitting up

My son is now 5mths going to 6mths and he has been having some serious spitting up issues. Does anyone have this problem. Sometimes i wonder if there is any formula left in him,...

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has anyone had there baby on losec???

has anyone has there baby on losec for reflux?? how did they go on it and how long where they on it for? and has anyone seen there baby spew up little brown spots from the...


treatment for reflux babies

Just wondering how you mums treat your babies reflux. My daughter has been prescribed infant gaviscon, it causes her constipation and i hate it. The GP suggested Zantac has...