This is kinda embarassing but...

I'm almost 22 weeks pregnant and very constipated..Just wondering if there is anything i can do to not be constipated anymore. Thanks

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My daughter had constipation all the time !!

My 20 month old has constipation all the time , every 2 days . I have tried everything i can think of . Here is a list of what i usually do . 1) Give a warmer bath then usual...

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Constipation for 6 months old???

My Daughter has been constipated pretty much her whole life. I've tried prunes, pears, glucose, corn syrop, soppositories. Nothing seems to work. Her stool is very dry and coms...



my little girl is constipated most of the time and i am not sure what it is. and before i take her to the doctor i want to ask anyone if they know of any natural approaches to...

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Hard BM

My 1 year is having trying going number 2. I called a nurse and she said to give her suppositories, but my baby some how pushes it out of her butt. When she has to go #2 she...

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How do I teach my baby to pass wind?

My 5 week baby strains to pass wind and it causes him great discomfort. I have cut all gas producing foods from my diet as I am breastfeeding but this hasn't helped much. It is...

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My son gets really constipated

My son doesn't drink water and when its time to go to the bathroom he's in a lot of pain and it hurts me to see him like this,how can I get him to drink water or what else can I...


Pregnant and Constipated

Im sure this is TMI, but i need help. Im almost 6 months pregnant with my twins and get constipated alot even with all the water i drink ( like 6 water bottles day)and i know...


hard bm's

it is really hard for my daughter to pass a bm and when she does she cries and screams cause it is hard as a rock how can i fix that?


my 3 year old always has constipation

I dont understand why this keeps happening to him.. He gets in so much pain where he starts to sweat and scream non stop.. It was never this bad, but just here recently it...

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my daughter is 8 months old and having alot of trouble having a bm please help me she has been like this for nearly a week and i have sat by the phone for 5 hrs waiting for the...


Pooping problems

Ok...my son is 9 months old (will be 10 months old in a little over 1 week)...he just recently started eating those finger foods. He has been eating solid foods for about 4...