Diary of an Angry Pregnant Woman

oh my gosh....its like I'm either angry, numb or crying, (16 weeks pregnant) and you guys...Im a fighter. I never in my life felt so angry as to knock the piss out of him until...

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I am at a loss-behavior

My 5 year old has been not formally diagnosed but we've had 3 different doctors feel that he had Aspergers. I used to teach special education and my speciality was autism. I...


Dealing with Postpartum OCD

I have recently been diagnosed with Postpartum OCD and severe anxiety. I can't seem to leave my daughter, I have intrusive thoughts and I'm quickly losing my social life. And to...


Want more children

Hi, My name is Kym and i have a 16 month old son; I had him when i was 15, Im now nearly 17.. Well i want another baby soo bad, but my partner thinks we should wait till our son...


I never have enough time!

I feel like I just don't have enough time to be a good teacher and a good mom. If I spend too much time at school, I feel like my kids suffer. If I don't put extra time in at...

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Pregnancy & Deployment- HELP!!!

Hello ladies!! I'm needing some advice/comfort...My husband is my high school sweetheart & a Marine at MCAS Miramar. I'm pregnant again (14wks) & excited to be so since losing...


Need some advise...

In about 6 weeks, I am flying out to Spain from Washington state. Long plane flight!! I will be traveling at about 21 - 22 weeks pregnant with 2 small kids in tow. No, no one...

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Are your parents around?

We've recently started a new community here and would love to have more members join! It's called "Unparented Parenting". This community is geared tward those who are raising...


elective c-section help

Help, my friend wants to go for an elective c-section, because she was unhappy with her first experience - was pushing for 2 hours and needed oxygen . I need research on risks...

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Desperate to hold on to my Teenage daughter

In late January this year, I learned that my 16 year old daughter has been sexually active with her first boyfriend ever. It is tearing me apart inside and I don't know which...

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