HPV Vaccine For Boys?

I just read this article from Reuters: http://www.reuters.com/article/healthNews/idUSTRE59802520091009?feedType=RSS&feedName=healthNews&sp=true The controversy against...

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My two year old makes me cry

For the last 2 1/2 years i've been active duty military... now i'm only a reservist and stay at home with my two year old ALL DAY... I'm also 5 months pregnant. The more my son...

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i dont know whats wrong with me?

ive got 12 weeks to go before the end of my pregnancy, im 16 and turning 17 this thursday and all i can keep thinking is, isnt having a baby meant to be a special and happy,...

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Breastfeeding is so difficult! Help

My son is 3 weeks old and from day 1 breastfeeding has been so difficult. He will latch but falls asleep within minutes. I am feeding him every 3 hours. When we sit down to feed...


bed wetting

Cannot get my youngest out off pull-ups at night, have tried most things but never seems to work. I have had three other children but never had this problem, any suggestions?

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Thanks for allowing me to join you all. I was hoping that we might be able to introduce ourselves, seeing as this is a small group yet. Chrys, I was happy to read your...


Fiance want to deliver baby

My fiance is in school for law enforcement and this semester he took a first responder class. Today in class they learned how to deliver a baby - so he feels that he is...


Solid food for 11 month old??

My son will be 11 months on the 24th.. I was wondering if I should start him on solids.. like adult people foods? And if so, what kinds? Any idea or advice at all will help out...

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Self Defence.... for kids??

I live in the UK, so I don't know whether you have heard or followed the papers here. Basically there is a story revolving around two young boys - I believe they were 10 and 11...

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Help increasing my sex drive (might be tmi)

I am just wondering if anyone has any advice for increasing your sex drive. Since I have been pregnant (I'm 16 1/2 weeks) I have only had sex with my husband once. :( I feel...

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Weird ob/gyn?!

Ok...so i got my first and ONLY ultrasound at 6 weeks. And i just went to my 10 week appt a week or so ago and from what i understood...i will not be getting another ultrasound...

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Hello, My daughter Emma is only 16 1bs 11 oz and she is going to be 1 starting on Monday March 21st. Did anyone put their babies on milk yet and if so how did it go. Im...

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