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Pharmacies deter teens from Plan B, study shows

Even though it’s legal for 17-year-olds to get the so-called morning-after pill, a new study shows that pharmacy employees often dole out the wrong information, telling the...

Started by MeMe - Raises Her Hand (-_-) (Mommy Of A Toddler And Teen) on 03/26/2012 in Hot Topics

Last update on 03/27/2012 by Jen


Teen privacy and snooping .

How much privacy should parents give their teens and when is it appropriate to snoop? “I remember my own teen years,” says Michele Eaton,* mother of 14-year-old Callie and...

Started by Charlie on 12/30/2010 in Hot Topics

Last update on 04/29/2014 by ♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫


How many of you are teen moms?

I just had a baby, I'm close to being an adult, 3 days, but I was wondering how many other moms are teenagers, or they were teenagers when thy started having kids

Started by Emily on 06/30/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 05/18/2012 by Valerie


Glorifying Teen Moms...

Hey everyone, I was just wondering... What does everyone think of the MTV show, 16&Pregnant and Teen Mom.... Do you Feel that shows like this glorify or maybe even celebrate...


What age should teens date?

I personally don't think there should be a set age on when a teen can date. As a parent, you know how mature and mentally ready they are to date. I had my first boyfriend at 15....


Think You Know Your Teens?

Not sure if this really is a debate, or just airing a concern. I teach Freshman this year, ages range from 14-16 years old. This was just a weird week for kids hanging out in...

Started by Sapphire on 05/07/2011 in Hot Topics

Last update on 05/15/2011 by Shae


Teen Moms (the show)

They are now doing a second season with the original teen mom. I could not believe the way Gary and Amber act in front of their child. They get in a fight and she tells him to...

Started by Tanya on 09/15/2010 in Hot Topics

Last update on 10/03/2010 by La


Preventive Measures....teens and sex

Teenage daughter has a boyfriend, lets say 15-16 yrs old. Do you put her on birth control for preventative measures? ***EDITED TO ADD!*** Or give a box of condoms to boys?

Started by ~♥Little Miss on 07/06/2011 in Hot Topics

Last update on 09/21/2014 by Angela


How to reduce screen time for teens

My 15 year old dd does good in school and has animals to take care of but I feel like she spends too much time on tv, computer, and phone. Any ideas on how to limit this?

Started by Anna on 04/02/2016 in Moms Of Teenagers

Last update on 12/30/2017 by Janice A


Any successful teen moms out there?

I was a "teen" mom. I had my son when I was 18. I am now 24 years old. Engaged to an amazing, supportive man, own a beautiful house and am blessed to be a stay at home mom....


Teen Mums May Lose Welfare Payments

"Teenage parents will face losing their welfare payments six months after their child is born unless they meet new study and work requirements, under the federal government's...

Started by Jodi on 05/04/2011 in Hot Topics

Last update on 05/05/2011 by Jodi


Glorifying teen pregnancies?

So, as I'm sure most of us (Americans) have been hearing, teen pregnancies, after having dropped 34% from 1991 - 2005, are now up again, at the highest since 1971....

Started by Crystal on 08/11/2009 in Hot Topics

Last update on 08/12/2009 by Sarah

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