twilight series

what do you think about twilight? i love twilight huge fan, it inspired me to write my book. stephanie meyer is a amazing writer! any mommies got a secret crush on edward or...

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Guilty Pleasures

Hi everyone! I was just wondering what everybody's "guilty pleasures" are. TV shows you enjoy, or things you absolutely love doing that help you get through the day sometimes...

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You're favorite movies/shows

I love he he The Backyardigans and Rudolph and Girl Interrupted, Black Snake Moan, Go, any Dario Argento movie. I could go on.

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Who would you have a drink with?

After discussing the untrustworthy atheist thread with my kids we wondered who we would have a few drinks and good conversation with? We came up with Dumbledore, Jack Sparrow,...

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Kind of tired of the whole world is ending in 2012 thing. Okay I'm mostly irked about the huge error in the story and that people still believe it. Sorry to offend anyone if I...

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Hi everybody..

Hey guys, My name is Miriama, AKA Missy. Ive just had my first baby, a wee girl I named Eva. Not after Eva Mendes, or Eva Longoria. After the cartoon movie Walle. Eva was the...

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is it too late??

hi all god its been ages since i've been here! but i was wondering if any of you think the vampire's are over done now? i'm thinking is my vampire slayer novel worth...


Favorite TV Show?

My hubby is away at work for months at a time so in the evenings once Roxanne has gone to bed I usually have a couple hours to relax and watch TV! What are some of ur favorite...


Getting into toddler bed with toddler?

Have you ever climbed into your toddler's bed with them? We've converted our son's crib into his toddler bed with the side rail fully removed and a guard rail in its place...


What is a good baby boys name?

I am planning hopefully with luck to have a baby boy as my second child, and i really can only decided a name if i go through a long list of names and one really jumps out at...

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At what age should kids read Twilight?

My 12 year old has been badgering me to read Twilight. I have resisted so far, it is my understanding that it is a book more for teens. I feel that kids are growing up way too...

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Ever notice how many movies don't have a female? Or they have the "token" female? I was just reading this blog in cafemom and she's talking to her daughter about Star Wars and...

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Animal Names!

lets have some fun with this! What are some fun names youve named your pets and how/why did you come up with it? i just recently adopted a cat from the shelter...had the...

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