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Quick healthy wraps even kids will eat !

Large Flour Tortilla ( or whole wheat) Pineapple cream cheese ( Phillidelphia) Bag of baby spinach leaves Honey ham sliced thin ( 2 slices p wrap) Alpine lace or Lacey...


Easy Chicken casserole

1 package boneless chicken breasts 1 can cream of chicken soup 1 24oz sour cream 2 cups monterrey jack cheese 2 tubes of ritz crackers garlic (to taste) Cook chicken...


Easter Fruit Trifle

Angel Food Cake = Layer 1 (broken in pieces) Frozen mixed berries (thawed most of the way) = Layer 2 Cream cheese (softened) & 1 can sweetened condensed milk = Layer 3 (mixed...


Healthy recipes

Anyone have any healthy recipes? Brownies 1 16oz can pumpkin 1 box devil's food cake mix Mix cook by directions on box yummy!



does the dairy products are really good for them????


Laurie's baked macaroni

Delete Are you sure? Yes | No Started by You (Jan. 15, 2009 at 8:48 pm) (no moms have responded yet) An easy inexpensive recipe that everyone will love in less than 10...


Pink foods and drinks

I am planning a baby shower for my sis, its a girl and we wanna do a pink party, with pink foods, drinks etc, Any good ideas? Pink food or drink ideas? Any replies will be...

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Ground turkey recipes

My family and I eat very little ground beef anymore; instead we are using ground turkey. Unfortunately, ground turkey does not cook or mold/form the same way as ground beef, and...


i need dinner recipes!!

alright...i've made the decision...and i joined weight watchers online. there are a ton of recipe ideas on the site, but i need to know what's worked for you! what tastes...


Lite dinner idea's....

I'm due in 2 weeks and I'm relying on my hubby to cook for the couple of weeks after the baby is born. We have 3 other kids at home so it needs to be lite (not only in carbs but...


Healthy substitutes

I'm cutting back our intake of fatty and hi-sugar foods. Any tips on where I can make little changes without sacrificing flavor ie use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and...


Healthy Snack Ideas

Let's get a list going so we have new ideas to try when we want to shake things up a bit. I'll start! *Flattened Banana (from TJ's) with soynut butter roll up *Freeze dried...


Help with refried beans

I was given a case of refried beans and have no idea other than bean dip of what to do with them. Does any body have any ideas of what I could make?



I need some help with good recipes for children. My daughter is overweight and i really need help getting her eating under control. Problem is i don't know any good recipes.



HELP!!!! There was a recipe on the home page this morning for a quick and easy way to cook/roast a whole chicken. My printer isn't working so I was unable to print it out. I...