Time Outs ??

I'm sure some of you are using this method....do you find at 18-19 months it's really working? I wonder if they really understand it just yet?? I feel like I can "CONSTANTLY"...

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Sleep problem

My daughter is about to be three years old. She has never been a good sleeper. She has always woken up several times at night. I went to a family care center and stayed there...


Video Game Time Limit.

My 7 year old daughter discovered a video game last week that she likes and is pretty good at, both of which are surprising. However, it's been causing problems because that's...


ADHD vs ODD vs Biploar disorder

does anyone have experience in the best approach for behavior modification with kids that have behavior disorders related to ADHD, ODD, or Bipolar Disorder?

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sleep discomfort

I am usually a stomach sleeper, but I have been trying to sleep on my sides and back the last few months. It's easier to get to sleep on my side, but in the morning (or after a...

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Leaving Kids Home Alone..

At what age do most people feel is appropriate to leave kids home alone? I sent my oldest daughter, age 11, to a Babysitter Training course through Red Cross before I felt...

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Oh why isnt he babbling?

My son is quite small for his 36 weeks and people think hes lovely. They ask his age and when I tell them hes nine months old they just say "oh hes not babbling much then is...


No TV for children under three?

I must admit that I have exposed my child to televsion and he is only 1. However I only allow him to watch childrens programs (Australia) like Playschool, Sesame street and the...

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Help/advice on weaning

OK... not sure what happened to my message... Here's my story. My lil guy has been ebf'd for 17 months now. Now that he is older he knows how to go about getting what he...


Always Hungry!

My daughter is 4 weeks old, and wants to eat ALL the time.... Here is our story, any help would be GREATLY appriciated!! My plan was to breast feed exclusivley, but that dream...