For the Love of Pit Bulls!

Hey everybody I just wanted to let you know about some research I am a big Pit Bull advocate as well as my sister who is a Grad Student at University of Nebraska for cognitive...


For the love of Pit Bulls!!!!

Hey everybody I just wanted to let you know about some research I am a big Pit Bull advocate as well as my sister who is a Grad Student at University of Nebraska for cognitive...

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my response to the petrified mommy

i am not trying to say not to fear your children around any and every dog. but pitbulls have such a bad reputation. they say one of the most vicious dogs is a chiwawa so thehy...


your opinion please

I joined this group because my husband loves pitbulls and bought a little blue female. I, on the other hand, am terrified of this breed (along with other breeds). We have a 2...


Petrified Mommy =(

My neighbors just showed us a pic of their new puppy they picked out....it's a PITBULL! We have 3 kids and only a chain link fence separating us. Their favorite tree to climb of...


7month old and a 7week pitbull?

my husband and i are wantin a dog and we have had a boxer/pitbull before. he was stuch a good dog but we moved to a differ state so my mom has him. he has no mean bone in his...

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New to Community Boards

Hi! My name is Katie. I am a stay at home mom of 4 kids and 2 puppies. My oldest Kaiey will be 5 in Nov. My son Zachary turned 3 in March. My 2yr old Ava was born July 31st. And...

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Pitbulls & kids: your opinion?

I breed American Pitbulls & I have a 22 month old son. Everytime I tell someone what I do for a living I get the weird eyes & the "oh my's"... Are there any other mom's out...


Flack because of a pet?

I have a staffordshire bull terrior and people are always giving me grieve saying that it is a dangerous dog it reali does my heading has i watch him all the time,he is never...

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Pitbull...friend or foe?

I read the Michael Vick post and it got me wondering. How many ppl out there that are pro pitbull? I am the proud owner of a brindle pit bull named Boss. I also have two...



iam a proud pitbull owner and i will be getting another pitbull very soon my son is 19 mths old and he and any other children i have along with grandchildren will be raised...

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Children being attacked by dogs?

There has been a few cases of dogs attacking small children lately in the media. Do you think banning certain breeds would solve this problem, or is it just caused by...

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Pitbulls and Children

I thought this would be an interesting topic. I was wondering what other moms thought about having Pitbulls around small children...or living with the breed while having small...


Pets and Children...your take

I have 4 children and my fiance and I have 2 dogs and a kitten. My oldest son was attacked by a dog when he was 20 mnths old at his bio dads house and had to have numerous...

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Mommies to be with dogs I need help!

So now that we are on the 2nd half of our pregnancy, we have been doing some reading and researching on how to introduce our new baby boy to our dogs when we get home... Any...

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I hope this doesn't open a can of worms...

Pets. Despite my semi religious upbringing, I've always known they have souls. As a kid they spoke to me (not dead animals, lol the living ones) I always got just what...

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