Does anyone have any suggestions on getting rid of Lice??

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is there another treatment besides the store bought meds.....it kills the lice....but not the nits...i am forevr picking them out...and the nit comb does not get them...her hair...

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Lice :(

Okay so I know this is so grose.. but Chloe brought us home lice... I've tried TWO mayo treatments on her, and combed out the nits... i think she's doing good but they're all...

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Head Lice.

For those mom's whose kids have come home with head lice. Go to you're drug store and ask for a robbie comb for head lice. It will cost around $50 but it will save u in the...


Head Lice

Does anybody know of a sure way to get rid of head lice and keep them out of long hair. Ive tried all the treatments you get from the chemest and they just dont seem to work, my...


Head lice

Ok- so I am in a war with head lice in my house right now. My daughter got sent home from school with it yesterday- now my 4 year old has it as well, and my 11 month old. I...


Head Lice!

Don't you just HATE them? My 6 year old arrived home from nursery school yesterday with a very discreet letter. (This is my first time with these little critters) Honestly, I...


Head Lice Prevention

I am currently looking for products either in Australia or available online for international shipping that prevent head lice. My 6 year old daughter has very long hair and we...

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Nit bugs lice help

Hi my stepdaughter always has bugs lice in her hair and when we keep her she give it to two of mt daughters and my son now I cant get rid of them bug nits lice how can I get...



Any new ideas to get rid of lice? I have 2 preschoolers and a toddler that I am having a difficult time getting rid of lice. I use the special comb in their hair daily and have...

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Head Lice Battles

Does anyone know of a products or remidy that actually works against head lice? I have 3 kids, and it's only 1 of my daughters that is constantly getting them! AAARRRGGGHHH!


My daughter has lice

Hey gals, To make a long story short-my 6 year old daughter has been fighting with head lice for 3 weeks now and I just discovered some more on her head today. Just when I...

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The best to treat head lice in long curly hair

My 6 year old Daughter has long very curly hair (Like Michael Jackson's Fro) and I am treating her all the time for head lice and I seem to not get on top of it, I have tried so...

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Lice.. How to make sure they don't come back!

My 2 daughters seem to have Lice ever other week. I go through their hair every few days with a lice comb and use Tea tree oil in their hair once a week. i don't know what else...

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