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Mexican Chicken

4 chicken breast 1 large bag Doritos 2 cans of cream chicken soup 1 can Rotel taomatoes (hot or mild, depending on your taste.) 1 stick of butter 1 tablespoon garlic salt 1...


Mexican Manicotti

1 pound lean ground beef 1 can (16 oz) refried beans 2 1/2 tsp chili powder 1 1/2 tsp dried oregano 1 pkg (8 oz) manicotti shells 2 1/2 cups water 1 jar (16 oz) picante...


Mexican Lasagna

I know it isn't a holiday recipe...but it is one of my favorites.. Ingredients 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 2 pounds ground chicken breast, available in the...


Foods with Mexican Flair

Mexican pork chops 4 pork chops trimmed of fat 1 tbsp. cooking oil 2 141/2 oz cans stewed tomatoes 1 8oz can whole kernel corn 1 8oz can Red kidney beans 1/2 cup long...


Mexican Chicken Casserole

4-5 Large boneless chicken breast boiled or grilled 1 onion chopped 1 bellpepper chopped 1 can of rotel 1 can cream of mushroom soup 1 can cream of chicken soup 1 large...


chili or rice and beans recipes!

i have so much riace and so much beans but have no idea where to start and everytime i have someone elses its so bland same with chili i have one friend who makes it really good...


The Best Mexican Lasagna!

I thought I would share this recipe from Rachel Ray for a Mexican Lasagna! It was so good even my 6 year old daughter ate it! Hope you all enjoy. It is a very quick, easy and...


made up recipes

I returned home from work and my kids were begging for food. I was almost out of everything in the house and did not get paid for 3 more days so I did not want to go grocery...


Can you make taco seasoning from scratch?

I've got a lot of the ingredients listed on the packages already, but want taco seasoning without the monosodium glutamate. Does anyone have a recipe or best guess or good...


Tight budget recipes

Money is tight right now. Does anyone have cheap recipes that can feed 6 people? My kids love flavor and it is something I would hope not to sacrifice. I really would...


Ground Deer Meat Recipes?

I Have Some Deer Meat My Fiances Boss Gave Him && I Dont Know What To Do With It....Any Ideas? We Like Spicy ( Hes Mexican ). But Any Recipes Are Good.


Chicken Enchilada-esque Casserole

I call it Chicken Enchilada-esque because I really didn't have the time to actually roll them up, lol. I bought most of my items from Tar-jay, but if you can find them by all...


good dinner recipes

hi im kylee im looking for some cheap dinner recipes. if anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.



Does anybody know how to make them? I just want to know how many ways you can make enchiladas, and what you use.


What to make with Ground Beef?

Ok, so I make meat loaf, hambergers, stuffed bell peppers already. What else is there to make with ground beef? My mom keeps buying it and I don't know what else to make with...