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ADHD vs Mild Asperger

I just joined this site today so I am alittle nervous. I have 2 children still at home, Tyson is 10 and Dejah is 8. I have older children 25 and 22. Tyson my 10 yr old son was...



HI my son as ADHD and ODD he os now 9 years old. I no there r lots of other familys dealing with this disorder. Please join this group as it is good to chat for tips and advice.



Hi mom's...I have 2 boys who are 6 and 3. My 6 year old is in first grade. He is very, very smart. Reads, spells and does his work in a higher level than his grade. Problem:...


treatment for adhd

Is there another way to treat add with out meds all my daughter teachers and doctors only tell me about the meds and the diet witch I cannot follow I'm not that good at cooking....


Level of ADHD

Is there a possibility to have a child with a mild form of ADHD? My son is 10. He was diagnosed around age 8. We have him on medication that helps, yet there are still some...


ADHD and Tics

My son who will be 12 in 2 months has ADHD he has been on addreall for 2 years now, he takes 60 mg throughout the day, we noticed he starting pulling out his eyelashes and his...


ADHD Testing

I have a 7 yr old son that is going in on Monday to our ped to evaluated for ADHD/ADD and I was just wondering what all they do and how that all works. My husband and I also...



My six year old is showing definete signs of ADHD and/or ODD. There is so much info out there, but I was was wondering if any of you moms out there have a child with one of...


Ticks with ADHD?

Hiya my daughter has been diagnosed with adhd about 2 years now and was on Equasym (20mg) a day, however she started having ticks, which were really bad! i took her back to the...


Advocare and ADHD

My 4 year old was diagnosed with ADHD about 1 year ago, and her doctor of course told me to think about trying out different medications so when it came time for her to go to...


Aspergers and ADHD

My son was just diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD. I have never heard of this particular spectrum disorder but i have heard of Autism of course! I have many questions and would...

Started by Tricia on 09/29/2011 in School-Age Kids

Last update on 06/04/2014 by Spencer Dominic


ADHD and Kids

I'm going to take my youngest to get his checkup today and while I'm there I'm going to talk to the dr about my 9 year old whom we think has ADHD. I was very against medication...



I just found out the my six yr old twin boys are adhd im not sure how i feel about the medicine they have been held back in kindergarten and they very well my be held back...

Started by Amber on 01/09/2010 in School-Age Kids

Last update on 01/01/2013 by Riva Bettina


ADHD with Anxiety

I just don't know what else to do! My 6 yr. old son was diagnosed with ADHD at 3, and last year, we were told he also has a sever anxiety disorder. He is on two medications,...


Kids with ADHD

My daughter has been diagnosted with ADHD she has had her medication up twice. I really do not like the idea of her getting it increased again but as she is getting older and...


adhd medicines

hi, my 9 year old was diagnosed with ADHD in December and they put him on ritilin, at first it was a total change for the better but now its like his body has gotten used to it...

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