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my little girl has lost her innocence

After spending the night with my broken heart only shared with a box of tissues i still have not come up with what to say. My daughter whom is barely 14 has had sex with a 15...

Started by Roseanne on 07/17/2010 in Moms Of Teenagers

Last update on 10/11/2012 by Kayanne


Baby delivery???

Does anyone have any ball park figures as to how much it would cost to deliver a baby with an epidural with out any insurance? Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you...


blue marks on baby buttom

Our baby is 7weeks old.One day we sow on our baby buttom these blue marks,we call to the hospital straightaway,they ask us to bring her to the hospital.These bruises a really...


Gave my baby for adoption...

Lately I've been thinking about the baby, Amanda who I gave up for adoption on the day of giving birth.. I haven't seen her since then... I know I was young when I gave her up...


Is it inappropriate to nurse a friends baby?

This was posted in a discussion forum on facebook. I AM NOT INVOLVED IN THIS POST IN ANY WAY! It is something I found on Facebook that was suitable for debate. " I babysit my...

Started by Lana on 05/20/2013 in Hot Topics

Last update on 06/09/2013 by Kathleen


Cry it out or Attend to baby?

My husband and I are arguing over whether or not it is better to let your child cry themselves to sleep or if you should be consoling them and answering there cries. Just...

Started by Alena on 01/19/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 01/10/2012 by Sally


Bonds Baby the search for the meanest mum!

http://www.news.com.au/national/ugly-row-as-bonds-baby-search-turns-nasty/story-e6frfkvr-1226015088656 THE search for the ultimate cute baby has descended into nastiness after...

Started by Nikki on 03/02/2011 in Hot Topics

Last update on 03/10/2011 by Jenn


Getting Baby Info - fairness in advertising

Okay, so another thread presented an article in which the author was pissed that an advocacy group was trying to eliminate free formula samples that some hospitals give to new...

Started by Janice on 04/14/2012 in Hot Topics

Last update on 04/18/2012 by Janice


Death threat over Baby Name....

"I'm going to put a cord around your neck, strangle you until you die, throw you in a ditch, and no one will ever know who did it," said a new dad in Everett, Washington, before...

Started by Shannon on 05/05/2011 in Hot Topics

Last update on 05/08/2011 by Jane


Hitler , Bin laden , Milat on your baby

A MELBOURNE-based company is selling baby and children's clothes featuring pictures of evil monsters such as Hitler, Osama bin Laden, Ivan Milat, Ted Bundy and Charles Manson....

Started by Charlie on 06/11/2011 in Hot Topics

Last update on 06/13/2011 by Amanda

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