Ok so I know that many people are not going to agree with my decision to not vaccinate my son, however this is MY decision. My family is against it and I don't frown on people...

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To Vaccinate or NOT to Vaccinate??

My daughter is two and the only vaccine she had ever been given was the Hep B(something or other) in the hospital, following birth. I have done some research on vaccines and...

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To get MMR shot or not??

My son is 2 1/2 and I'm supposed to get his MMR shot, I know there Is alot of debate and I'm still not sure what to do, if I should have him get the shot or not. Some opinions...


about vaccine

Until what age of the baby was finished their vaccinations?

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MMR doctor struck off register.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/8700611.stm The doctor who first suggested a link between MMR vaccinations and autism has been struck off the medical register. The General...

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information of vaccines

I am just curious what various research has already been done on various vaccines, my four year old had some of her infant shots and my two year old has had none, I am glad I...


Vaccination Choices

Isn't it a parents right to research available information to decide if it a wise choice to vaccinate their child? I have chosen not to, preferring to boost my childrens...


Vaccine = Autism????

Parents, just wondering how you feel about vaccines and your kids? and Autism? Just found out my 2 year old has mild autism. and my 4 year old is getting his shots tomorrow one...


anti vaccines!!

just looking for a good conversation and thought this was a good subject....i stopped vaccinating my son when he was a year old, and it started out because our medicaid expired...

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Why not vaccinate?

The main reason i vaccinate my daughter (i hate to admit) is just because everyone does it. I have done no research, other than side effects because it freaks me out. So i am...



Okay, here it is ladies: Do vaccines cause Autism? Do you vaccinate your kids? Were/are you vaccinated? Why don't you vaccinate your kids? And so on and so forth. KEEP THIS...


Views on Vaccinations?

Well ever since my son was born I have been thinking about vaccinations. I know it was a normal thing that wasn't much thought about back in the day like when I was little i...

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Vaccine effectiveness

http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/04/03/us-whoopingcough-idUSBRE8320TM20120403. So from reading this article I gather that vaccines aren't very effective, and the...

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To vaccinate or not???

Recent events that have happened to people I know and doing some research online I am really questioning whether or not to continue to vaccinate my son (and vaccinate my new...


Vaccines DO NOT Cause Autism

http://www.parenting.com/article/Baby/Health/The-End-of-the-AutismVaccine-Debate?cid=fb The End of the Autism/Vaccine Debate? Medical experts hope the retraction of the 1998...


Vaccination and Pro-life

I am pro-life and I don't believe that you can be pro-life and pro-vaccination. Many of our vaccinations are made with aborted human fetuses. Many have argued that this is no...

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