babies given water after 6 months

when i had my babies (youngest 11yrs) babies were given water from birth, sterilised water, but nowadays i hear new moms say their doctors say that babies shouldn't be given...

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video games

My 14year old son has become way to attached to playing video games. He has resorted to all kinds of behaviour just so that he can play. Nothing we do to stop him seems to be...


How do you invite the parents without the kid?

So, I've had to make a very hard decision about a good family friend lately... This person's child has a developmental disorder and is now getting to the age that the child can...

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Cleaning up

I have a 5 and 6 year olds. They have a playroom they have to clean once a week to get their allowance. I even ask them or tell them to go clean up the playroom one hour before...

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Vanishing Act

I would like to go back to the Hospital that I gave birth to my son in four months ago, and ask them if there was something in the Epidural I received that made me suddenly...

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Kadey is 5 months old and teething, i think...she has the whole drool rash on her chin and is gnawing on anything she can get in her mouth and has become increasingly cranky as...


Hi I need your emotional support!!!

I am a mother of 4. My twins will be 4 in june. i also had a baby that died of a spider bite at the age of 6 weeks. And i also have a daughter that is 1. While i was pregnant...

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What are the craziest dreams/nightmares you have?? Any recurring nightmares? Do you ever have lucid dreams (where you know you're dreaming and can direct the course of your...

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