Ok, anyone else dealing with Adult Children (such an oxymoron don't you think???) moving back home? My son, 20, moved back after one semester at college. He hated the small...


Potty training 3 yr old boy!

My little boy has actively made the decision to not use the potty. I had him running around with nothing on the other day and he did a wee on the carpet, I said 'No, you do wee...


What to take to the hospital?

At the hospital I am going to deliver at you only stay the night that your child is born basicly, and then are released the next day.(as long as there are no complications).. I...


Appropriate Bedtimes

There are a lot of children living in my street, and it never fails to astound me how late some of them are still running around. It's 9.20pm here right now (school night) and...

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One night with daddy !

hi..my son is 71/2 months now...I breastfeed him about 5-6 times aday and around 3 times at night..and I also give him cereal 2-3 times aday.. I only used the bottle few times...

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Power struggle at feeding time

My son will be 1 in a week. Lately his independence and opinions have been more and more evident. He started walking a month and a half ago and now wants to do everything on his...

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How do you picture your labor?

I am so excited, this being my fourth pregnancy, to be prepared & feel confident about the labor process. I was curious & also think it will help, if we all visualize how our...

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