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How tough is life in America now?

This is a question for all you Americans. In Australia we hear that there are massive problems with unemployment and poverty over there now. But you guys don't seem to be...

Started by Jakki on 06/24/2012 in Hot Topics

Last update on 05/25/2016 by Kelly


funerals and exes and who pays

What do I do?? My ex husband (who took every dime I made while we were married for 18 years) died three weeks ago. We have two biological children aged 19 and 8. In the...


A little worried

I am between 3-4 months with my second baby, I havenet been to a doctor yet due to insurance issues and i am very worried about this little one. My last was a month early with...

Started by Rebecca on 01/18/2010 in Expecting

Last update on 01/19/2010 by McKenzie


Is it Yours or His or Both?

I saw in another community a question that asked if stay at home moms bought gifts for their husbands. Well it kinda got into a debate about "Is the money yours, his, or both?"...



Does anybody realize what is going on in regards to what they are trying to do to our healthcare??? Now, I know everybody does not have coverage, which is sad, but they are...


Baby delivery???

Does anyone have any ball park figures as to how much it would cost to deliver a baby with an epidural with out any insurance? Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you...


Accident at Daycare

My three year old was at daycare and was playing on a metal car toy they have. He was sitting on it and I guess decided to start climbing on it and fell and busted his lip all...


Do we have to pay for medical?

My step son just turned 18 and my husbands child supoort obligation has ended. The child is going to college full time in the Fall which we are not paying for (on scholarships)....

Started by Delaine on 07/12/2011 in Hot Topics

Last update on 07/20/2011 by Crystal


Universal HealthCare

Please tell us which country you are representing (i know a lot of us know each other but some of us are new) and let us know the following: Do you have it? Do you not have...



so my boyfriend and i would like to get married but idk if i will lose my medicaid coverage... im on pregnancy coverage only because that is all i need... i have called my case...

Started by Amanda on 03/01/2010 in Expecting

Last update on 03/02/2010 by Carolee


New here

I'm new here, but I'm looking to connect with other moms who deal with siblings who have special needs and those who are typically developing. I have a neurotipical 6 year old...

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