BioMom is so stupid, irresponsible & a pain in the ass. She acts like she loves/cares for her daughter, but her actions prove otherwise. I just found out the my SD medical...


breast feeding while pregnant

lol ok this is a few questions and a lil complaining at the same time... I am expecting my 4th child and am breastfeeding my 16 month old daughter, Childrens aid is telling me i...


What are some signs of ADD or ADHD?

I really feel stupid because as an adult who grew up with ADD ( I was diagnosed at 6) and with a brother who has ADHD I really feel like I should recognize some of the signs but...

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I was just wondering if anyone has problems with their childrens speach? They did tell us at the hospital that my son may have some learning difficulties because of both the...



I am from a very large family and am very lucky to have someone that can care for my children while i am at work or if i need to do something. My mom or my dads wife, my dads ex...


Do you ever want to stop?

My son is almost 3 (turns 3 next month) and I've been tandem nursing a year. I feel like he's never going to wean and some days I just want him to be done. His teeth hurt me...


Too busy to eat?

My 15 month old son seems to busy to eat most of the time. I've tried to be really consistent with sitting at the table to eat but he fights almost every bite unless he's...


rebellious Child

I thought at 2 years kids go through that Terrible 2 but having my 3 rd child forget about going through it at 2 he is going through it at 3 going 4 and man is it a...

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Just become a single mum its hard doing it all alone at times. Especially being only 19.


Other family members thinking you're crazy?

Hi there, Before I had my daughter, I stumbled across the Diaper Free book while looking for baby food recipe books in a book store! I picked it up, read it and it COMPLETELY...

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Hi, My name is Nancy, my daughter Tegan was born on January 17, 2008 (6 weeks early). She is growing by leaps and bounds! She just had her 1 year check up last Monday and...


I feel like such a horrible mom...

Ok. I feel like a horrible mom. I'm a 6 year army Veteran and I've been deployed to Iraq twice. I've witnessed a few things that affected me for a long time. I was put on Celexa...

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Pregnacy timeline?

So I took a test on valentines day and it came up neg. So I took another one the wed after and it came up +. I took 2 more to make sure and they said the samething. Well when we...

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at a loss

So I'm a stay at home mom right now, but I am also a student and I graduate in December. I know that my husband is kind of expecting me to go back to work and its not that I...

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