Motion monitor for the crib

Best Idea ever for a first time mom. I love this product. It helps me sleep at night and know if anything were to happen the alarm would sound! Anyone else use this?

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Sleep tips for mom

My son is now 5 weeks and has been sleeping through the night since day 1 however, I can't sleep! I'm so paranoid and always have so much on my mind I can't seem to fall asleep...

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Baby Sleeping on her Tummy

Hello! My daughter has been crawling for about 2 months, and ever since she has been rolling over in her sleep. Normally it would wake her up and she would need some help...

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I feel like I'm constantly worrying about my 6 month old son when he's asleep. I check on him a lot when he's sleeping. I've read horrible stories about parents losing their...

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How many of you are worried about SIDS and your infant?


Side sleeper - OK?

My 4 1/2 month old rolls onto his side as soon as I lay him down in his crib. He is swaddled with one arm out. I know back is best but is this ok? I mean I don't know what I...

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Sleeping on tummy?

My daughter (5 months) has discovered that she can roll over a few weeks ago and just recently decided that she can roll over in her crib. Im having horriable nights since this...

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sleeps on tummy

My son is 3 1/2 weeks old... he will not sleep on his back. I lay him down on his back and within 5 min he is screaming and fussin. I pick him up and he falls asleep within...


Sleeping in the crib!

My daughter is 8.5 months and she is still sleeping in the playpen in my room. It is mostly my paranoia, why she isn't in her crib in her room. I think I am mostly scared I...


Can Anyone Offer Advice?

My son will be 2 months old tomorrow, and i have a problem. It seems like he's always crying.....when you're not holding him. I've always heard that you couldnt spoil a child...


Seizures in sleep?

Just wondering if anyones children are dealing with seizures in their sleep, when they fall asleep, when they wake up, or altogether? How did you find out this was happening?...


a silly question????

my son will be 7 months on the 12th of this month and i just put him in his own room for the first time tonight. i have been a little upset just because i'm so scared of SIDS....