Mr Clean Magic Eraser?

Has anyone tried the new Mr. Clean - Magic Eraser Kitchen Scrubber or the Mr. Clean - Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber? Do they work as well as they are advertised to work? I know...


Dry erase marker on the wall

Okay..not what you might think (although tips for removal would be great :D ) It JUST happened, so I haven't had a chance to really try anything, although I will be going out...



Okay so I'm looking for suggestions. I have severe CDO that's OCD, only in alphabetical order as it should be. Anyway, I am so anal about cleanliness and organization. So, you...


Spring cleaning

How do you manage the rest of the house while spring cleaning? I have 4 kids, one of which is only 7 months old (and teething). This is the first house that my husband and I...

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Cleaning Products

Like most SAHM, I'm strapped for cash these days, and when it comes to buying things I like to know they work before I buy them. I need a good tile cleaner for the shower. We...

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OMG the cleaning bug

OMG the CLEANING BUG has arrived early. I'm 22.5 weeks, and the cleaning bug has arrived early this time. Just wondering when every one else got the cleaning bug? What do you...

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Crayon on the wall

My daughter just discovered that her crayons color on more than paper. Any suggestions on cleaning crayon off the wall?


what cleans walls? my son is coming soon

my son is coming soon and people that i live with have smoked in the house and now they have stoped i was just wondering what would help clean the walls because i can not paint...

Started by Amanda on 08/12/2009 in Moms Under 30

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How do u get crayon off the kitchen floor?

im babysitting at the other ppl's house and found my kid drawing all over the kitchen. windex worked on the windows, but i cant find anything here to clean it off the floor...

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i have a budding artist ...

how do i get crayon off my bathroom door?? i've used clorox that didnt work...

Started by Meaghan on 08/28/2010 in Toddlers

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