Flu Shot?

I'm hesitant to get flu shots in general & now my son is a year & half so old enough to get them so my family doctor recommended getting them this year for both my son & I. I...

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*RECALL* Hylands teething tablets

FDA NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release: Oct. 23, 2010 Media Inquiries: Dick Thompson, 301-796-7566, dick.thompson@fda.hhs.gov Consumer Inquiries: 888-INFO-FDA FDA Issues...


scared to vaccinate

I'm not sure if I want to do a delayed vaccine scheduale or not vaccinate at all....my first child had a severe reaction with vaccines and I was told it was fine, only to find...

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Are you kids gettin both flu shots??

I dont know if I want my son to get the swine flu shot because it can cause nerve damage...I know its rare but is it worth the chance..im pretty sure Im going to still do the...


Say No to Vaccines

Vaccines contain Mercury, Msg, Formaldehyde, Aluminum and are the cause of multiple diseases. This is the schedule of vaccinations from birth to age 6......


flu shot during pregnancy

trying to decide if i should get a flu shot this year. did you know they grow the virus in eggs? and they contain mercury as a preservative - doesn't the dr tell us to stay away...


Flu Vaccine

Hello, I am contemplating whether or not I wan't my almost 6 month old baby boy to get vaccinated for the flu. I myself have NEVER had a flu vaccine, nor do I ever plan to, and...

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First year flu shot

So at 11 months my girl had a bad flu where we ended up in the hospital. We had her in daycare for about 3 months and she was sick every other week. We switched to a stay at...


H1N1/Swine Flu Vaccination

I live in Vancouver, BC and so far 9 people have died from this huge Swine flu outbreak. What are your thoughts about the vaccine? I am really iffy about getting it for...


N1 H1 vaccine

Have we not heard enough about this one? yes but what choice have you made? I live in Italy with my 5year old, who has suffered most of his toddler years from Bronco-Ahsma,...


So if vaccines dont cause autism.....what does?

Various well developed studies have basicly proven without a doubt that vaccines don't cause autism, well at least that mmr and mercury doesn't cause autism. Most people...

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H1N1 SHOT.....HELP!!!!!!

Has anyone thats pregnant got this shot yet? I am soooooooo petrified! With my 1st son i never got any shots. This time for the FIRST time in my life i got the regular flu shot...

Started by Sheena on 10/26/2009 in Expecting

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