My two year old the terror

my two yr old son finds it necessary to hit bite and shove everyone who crosses his path when he is excited, mad or even really tired. Does anyone have suggestions on...

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When is the right time to say no and not give in?

My son is 2years old. The other night we were eating supper, i never give him too much, he is a fussy eater, so i also try to give something that i know he will eat. I sometimes...

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can anyone help with my 2 year old?

she has been quiet jelous since the arrival of her brother 2 months ago, she has decided that she will tell us to 'stop it' or 'go away' when ever we tell her off or tell...


My husband and I are going insane!!!

I'm about to lose it after 6mo of no sleep. My son won't go to sleep it's a fight every night! He had bad reflux and we have tried everything! He's on meds for the reflux so...

Started by Crystal on 01/28/2010 in Babies And Infants

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Switching to toddler beds

Hi. Who has switched to a toddler bed? I am wanting to make the switch but not sure if you are supposed to do it "cold turkey" or what. I have been looking up beds online and I...


Spanking is abuse but Time Out is not?

Thought just popped into my head. I’ve seen time outs demonstrated on T.V via Supper Nanny and by a Clinical Psychologist on Tiny Tearaways. Now that I think about it, the way...

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I have had issues with getting my little guy to sleep with out a fight... and without waking up all night wanting to sleep with mommy and daddy! at 16 months, i figured this...