Does anybody have problems with day naps?

My daughter is 2 mnths old. Somedays she does not nap. She is tired and wants to sleep but cannot fall/stay asleep. I have even invested in a sling so that I can carry her...

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How many naps in a day?

Claire isn't ready to shift to no naps yet....she sleeps 9hours through the night and after about 3-4 hours of being awake goes down for a nap and sleeps for 1.5-3 hours. She is...

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Does your Dec 2008 baby still take naps?

Mylie was born on Dec 19th 2008. She has a nap in the daytime...if she feels like it. When she don't have a nap, shes a bit cranky, but she falls asleep easier in the nighttime,...


14 month old ~ how many naps?

I was just wondering how many naps does your 14 month old take? and how long are the naps? Mine was taking 2 naps a day, for about 1-1 1/2 hr each time but now he is having 1...

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Daytime naps

my 3yr old still has a nap durin the day an sometimes i have problems puttin him to bed at 8 n e ideas on how to cut the nap out i've tried but he gets ratty an bad tempered x

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Nap nightmare......

My baby is 13 weeks old and was a good sleeper both day and night, however over last couple of weeks he will only take 30 or 45 minute naps, he wake up very fussy and by the end...



Just wondering how much everyone's little ones are napping. My daughter (born Nov 22) rarely has a real nap, mostly just cat naps throughout the day.



How long does your baby nap? How many naps during the day? and does they sleep well at night? My son was napping A LOT they were small maybe 10 or 15 minutes. I got him to take...


What time does your baby go to sleep ?

and what time do they get up in the morning? are they in a set routine? and is the routine set by you or by baby? just wondering what other mums are doing :)

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