Reflux or something else?

My daughter was born Christmas Day, 2010, and she is a screamer/spewer. Being a new mommy, I figured I had just never been around babies that young before. She started crying...


Spoiled baby? Is that possible?

My son is just a couple weeks shy of being 6 months old. About 80% of the time he is cranky! I have tried everrrrrrything. He has always been a gassy baby, and yes I use Mylicon...


hospitals and socail service's

why is it when u take your child to A & E . they seem to instantly think your a bad mom . i tuck my daughter amonth befor xmas as she had placed her hand on my hairstraightners...

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Am I being selfish?

First off let me tell you about my MIL. She has four sons (all by different men) and when the oldest three were in their pre-teen years (one being my husband) she shipped them...


Rewards for Good Grades

This is only sort of a vent--I may just be doing it wrong... I reward J for good grades, usually a new book or journal each quarter. I was on the fence about rewards...



My son doesnt like to take naps. when is it ok to stop makeing them? He will lay there for about an hr and then finally fall alseep. Once hes asleep he will sleep for anywhere...

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what do you feed your 6 month old

my baby is 6 months on friday. he has a bottle of 8oz in the morning at 7am, then at 12 he has fruity porridge with a 7oz bottle straight away, then around 4:30 he has half a...

Started by Danielle on 02/17/2010 in August 2009 Babies

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i need advice !!

hi my name is Ginelle I'm 22 years old ,my daughter name is Alyson she is a year old and 3 months.she was born on september 25,2013 ….when i first found out i was pregnant i...

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I really, really, don't like my stepson!

I am mom to one ss and 4 bio kids. My husband and I have been married for four years. My ss was 5 when we got married and will be 10 this Dec. His mom is a good person, she just...

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No difference!

Hi, My name is Rachel. I have 5 beautiful children. My oldest Isaiah is 11. He was diagnosed with ADHD and PDD. He has been this way from a very young age. I hate that he has...