a Crocheter?

will you let a crocheter into your group. it says knit, and i have tried to knit, but i am soooooo much faster at crocheting. so, are you exclusive or not?


What do you do for summer swimming?

Hey all! I was wondering what other cloth diapering moms do for swim time? Do you just suck it up and buy disposable swim diapers? Or are there other options? I'd love to...


do you use fitteds that need covers?

I am just curious... I have used pocket diapers, prefolds, AIOs and AI2s. I got a free Kissaluvs Marvels diaper, and am not sure I would use it much, since it needs a cover....


Nighttime diapering solution?

We've tried different things, but lately we've been using perfect fit FuzziBunz with the insert they come with, plus an additional hemp insert for bedtime. It's not that my...


Newborn sleeping arrangements

Hi, I'm a first time mom (creating my baby registry) who is wondering if it is safe to place a newborn into a crib to sleep. I have a tiny house, so the crib will be right...