i havent told him yet.......

I have an IUD so im not supposed to be able to get pregnant, i am also on Camila, which is a birth control pill......well sure as anything....im pregnant, he isnt ready for...


How about you?

Hey ladies -- as i was gagging on a texture issue while pregnant, it got me thinking - what weird quirks do or did you have when you were pregnant? I have texture issues that...

Started by Veronica on 01/11/2010 in Toddler Moms

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teen moms

I had my child when i was 19 yrs old. I never wanted to be a young mother but i knew that i had to face what was coming so i did. I changed my whole life. Im a full time student...


breast feeding

Hay there, i have a lil one on the way. I didnt breast feed with my first he is 6 months old now and i am 5 months pregnant. Who breast feed and why? Did you with your first and...


Giving birth in Germany

I'm looking for stories of your experiences giving birth in Germany. I'm 35 weeks pregnant and getting nervous/anxious. This will be my second child. My first was born in the...


What is wrong?

My son is eleven months old and for the past few weeks, he seems quite upset. He cries and or whines all of the time; it does seem to get worse in the evening. He wakes up...

Started by Amanda on 08/30/2010 in Babies And Infants

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Feeling fustrated

My 11yr old just started Adderall. I can't tell any difference in her ADHD. This is the third meds we have tried since January. I liked the first meds she was on Vyvanse. But...


Misaligned Pelvis/Hips

Hi All, I am wondering if anyone else is going through the same thing as I am. Over the past week or so, my hips and pelvic area has been hurting like CRAZY!!! I mean to the...

Started by Natasha on 03/21/2011 in Due April 2011

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Have you had children go through surgery?

My son is 3 and a half yrs old and has been booked in to have his adenoids and tonsils removed and grommets put in. This will be happening in two and a half weeks. I am very...

Started by Samantha on 12/04/2011 in Toddler Moms

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Dear husband I'm going on strike

until you learn to appreciate me. Every time my husband takes the kids to play in my daughter's room it is left in shambles. Toys all over the room including in the Guinea Pig...


Disney World Advice

We are planning a trip to Disney World this summer after my husband's deployment and this is the first time we have taken all 4 of our kids. Which disney hotels do you...