teething babies and sleep patterns

My daugter is teething. She already has her bottome two teeth and now her top two are coming in. One has broke through and the other one not quite yet. What I was wondering is...

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Is my baby teething?

My baby just turned 4 months on tuesday but he's been really fussy and starting to act like he wants to bite on things... i don't see any teeth but how do i know if he's...

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helping my cranky baby?

my baby crys constanly he donest like to be swadle at all he hates being covered up so i cant do any of that. he just crys for like hours and wont stop even if i hold him...


How do I take away my babies bottle

My daughter just loves her milk, she's on cows milk . She used to sleep through the night but the last two months she has started waking at night for her bottle, How do I stop...


need help with teething!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sweet princess turns on me every time her teeth start hurting her. It is like multiple personalities (i promise) . I will give her tylenol and ibuprofen along with teething...


Teething, gums help!!

My daughter is 4 1/2 months and has been miserable since 2 months old with lots of drool and constantly biting down on everything. Since 2 months she rejects her formula bottle...

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Sleeping through the night?? hungry baby...

I know our babies are only 4-5 months, but is it too early to let them cry at night? I feel like he's still hungry when he wakes up in the middle of the night, but I'm not sure...

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My 6 month old is teething, I'm not getting any sleep...any suggestions?


How did you get your babies to sleep?

How did you get your baby to sleep? Did you let them cry it out? Did you use controlled crying? (difference being you respond or not after x minutes) Did you nurse, rock,...

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Teething Troubles!

My 8 month old son is really battling with teething at night ~ the maximum stretch he gets is 2 hours! Please help with any tips or advice... We have started him on Hylands...

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