nipple stimulation

ok im a new mom and im 38 wks pregnant and im so ready to get this over with. ive heard from several women that if you stimulate your nipples it will help you go into labor. so...



what are some natural ways proven to help induce labor?

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What are some ways to speed up labor?

I have tried sex, walking, spicy food, raspberry tea, warm baths, walking steps, and nipple stimulation (most likely did not do that right because I hate touching my nipples or...


jump start labor?

i'm 39 weeks not dialted or anything. i'm schudeled to be induced on the 11th. but i really dont want to be induced people say its a lot worse than just contracting naturally....

Started by Heather on 06/02/2010 in Expecting

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what really helps bringing labour on?????

i have a week and a half left and i am going crazy lol i need this baby out i am in so much back pain and sleep less nights started ages ago i have tried walking and sex and it...


When will my baby get here?! Need advice...

I am 2 days overdue with my second baby. My first was born via c-section after a failed induction (she was 9 days late). I am trying for a VBAC this time. I NEED to go in to...

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please help me get him out

i went to the doctors today and they said that im one centemeter dialated, ive been having severe back pain off and on ( dont know if its got anything to do with labor) and ive...

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effective ways to induce labour??

I am 2 days overdue and im reeally reeally anxious to be done with this pregnancy, and finally get to hold my little girl! What are some EFFECTIVE ways to naturally induce...


Need recommendations

Im almost 38 weeks pregnant and my doctor said it is gonna be any time because i am dilated to 2 and completely thinned out. But i want my little girl right now and want to...


will my third baby be born early!

I had my frs baby 1 week early du to big induced! I had my second baby 10 daysearly my water broke! whats the chances of having my trd early! im due january 8 2010, my...


How to naturally induce labor

What are some ways you can jump start labor... I know of quite a few, but wasn't sure if there were some I hadn't heard before... Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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sex to induce labor?

I am 39 weeks and was just curious if having relations really help induce labor. My husband and I have tried everything but that and I was wondering if that worked for anyone....


What can I do to help go into labor?

Im 39 wks with my 3rd baby and i guess I just assumed that she would be here by now but nope nothing im only 2cm dilated and im very uncomfortable. I've tried walking and im...

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Inducing Labour Naturally

I am due in 9 days time with my 3rd child. I am at the point where i just want my little girl to be born but so far i have had no signs of labour being close at all. With my...


any ideas to bring on labour

im currently due for my second child and im worried that ill have to be induced , i was induced for my first child and dont want that again, How can i get labour started???

Started by Renee on 06/02/2009 in Moms Under 30

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