Nasal congestion

Hi there, I have just joined this website. I have a 5 month old dsughter who seems to be battling with a congested nasal passage. Please can someone advise on good home...

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My baby has had a stuffy nose for a while now, I called the Dr. They recommended saline drops and a humidifier.... still hasn't work. I even bought a vicks vapor plug in thing...



My one month old baby has cold her nose is blocked please what can I do

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Home Remedies for congestion

My son is 7 weeks, but has been congested for about a month, when i took him to his doctor he suggested a humidifier and saline drop, but that does not seem to be getting...

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Runny Nose

My 5 month old has had a runny/stuffy nose for 2 weeks now and it shows no sign of slowing down. We run the humidifier every night and use the nasal aspirator (which she has...

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My 4 month old son chest is congested,i hear it in his nose and hear/feel it on his chest and back.it wont go away,help fb.


stuffy nose at night, help?

my nearly 6 month old has had a cold recently and has been left with a very stuffy nose at night, i am scared he can not breath properly and he keeps waking up crying when he...

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