his scalp started peeling in the bath...

Today we washed his hair like usual with johnsons top to toe. but all of a sudden when we rinsed it out of his hair his skin started peeling around his forehead and on the front...



Hey my daughter is going on 3. She has had eczema since she was 5 months old. I have tried every over the counter product you can think of. Been prescribed nearly every cream....

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Bi-racial children skin care help?

I have a bi-racial little girl and lately I have noticed that she has little tiny bumps all over her skin. it's almost as if her skin is just scaly now. Also at times she will...

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My son has very bad eczema on his back and neck and behind his knees. he also has it behind his ears to the point where they crack and bleed. i have tried everything i can think...

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Baby acne/eczema

Any helpful suggestions for baby acne or eczema; what works what doesn't. My 2 month old has it bad on his face and head


What is the best product to use for baby eczema?

My 2 year old has had baby eczema pretty much since birth. I have tried EVERYTHING such as giving her lukewarm baths, Aveeno, Cortizone, Vasoline and I'm out of ideas...help!

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baby eczema??

Not sure if I spelled it correctly...I thought my daughter (11 weeks old) had baby acne...I have been avoiding her face at bathtime just cleaning it with water, it started to...