What shampoo do you use for her?

DD is 5 plus and has long hair to her waist. I trim her hair every 2 mths or so cos she gets split ends..oil her hair twice a week thoroughly and li'll oil after headwash..I...

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black toddler hair growth

My toddler is 1 years old and her hair is nappy and wont grow do I have anything to worry about? I've tried using everything from baby shampoo and conditioner to olive oil and...


Teenage daughter's greasy hair!

My 15 y.o daughter's hair has become super greasy all of a sudden which is really getting her down. Her hair was always a bit greasy at the roots and dry at the ends but now it...

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Hi Everyone! Does anyone have any secrets as to avoiding static hair in the winter?

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My 11 year old daughter has really thick hair. We have been battling dandruff forever it seems like. We've been to the dermatologist and said to use T-Gel. We did and it...

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Grocery Bill

check out thegrocerygame.com for great deals we get diapers so much cheaper pennies on the dollar along with free soaps, medictions, foods, and so much more for babies and...

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Curly Hair Help

My daughter has extremely curly hair, brushing it in the morning is a battle! I have tried the detanglers, but they don't seem to help. They end up making her hair frizzy and...

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