1 in 10 Parents don't follow vaccine schedules

Re-posted from Strollerderby A new study by researchers at the University of Michigan concludes that one in ten parents are following an alternative vaccination schedule for...

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I really need some other moms to hang out with every once and a while. It gets pretty depressing being stuck at home every day. I moved up here from the states a few years ago...


Dropping out of 9th grade

First of all im not a mother, im a sister of a 15 year old 9th grader. He is failing 9th grade and is not showing ANY initiative towards school. My parents are very dissapointed...

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12 year old boy

my son wont attend school. he has a record from the police he has no respect for me or anyone else what can i do ?


Low incident disablity

My son has a Cochlear Implant and is transitioning to Middle School next year and there are NO Hearing Support Class Rooms in a 3 county area!!! He is to Oral for a Deaf School...


somebody help give me advice

How do I deal with stress when my kids father got 24 years in prison?im Single mom working part time job try pay bills without a fulltime babysitter im so stressed somebody...


my son is Psychotic, Bipolar and ADHD and

is only 13 going on 14 how do I help him before its too late? I mean his dad has literally given up on him and I know without a male role model I can't do it all. Any suggestion...

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homeschooling vs e-schooling

hi all. i use a govermently funded program called connections academy. and they have a fourm for tips and such and a woman who will remain nameless.. posted this about the...


How much solid food is your baby eating?

Hi all! I introduced solid foods at 4 1/2 months and my daughter loves them!! She is currently getting a couple ounces of formula mixed with rice cereal and about 1.5 ounces...


new.. and looking for guidance

my name is jennifer and I have 6 kids.. 5 boys and 1 girl... my mom is Jewish.. even though we were not religious jews, I knew about the holidays and for a few years we even...

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