Playing Naked

My son just turned 4 and was caught 'Playing Naked' with a 6 year old friend a few days ago. When both were asked (together then separately) why they were playing this way,...

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i cant get along with my mom

well this story is long but to begin with im 50 and living with my mom who is 77 and shes a bitch uncaring cold hearted bitch i no this sounds mean but i have been through so...


seriously help me!

ok im at a loss right now! i have no idea what to do! my son is 6 months old and he wakes up about 10 times a night! he only takes like one nap a day and it only last about an...

Started by Kassi on 04/08/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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One nap a day kids?

My son turned one almost three weeks ago. He is currently taking two naps for us(ranging from an hour to two hours each). He shows signs of being tired for each, so it's not as...


Thought I would share...

Today I took my baby to doc for checkup...She is petite but gaining well. The doctor said she looked perfect. At the end of appointment, I said something about breastfeeding....

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how do i deal with a liar

basically im in a situation where my so called freind ( known her for about 18 months and our boys started school together sept just gone and have got to know her a bt more or...

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Natural Child Birth Advice

Hey there, Erin here, and going in to my 6th month right away. I have had an easy pregnancy so far with no complications and am planning for a natural vaginal birth. Although...


What the Duggars Are Doing Wrong article

I wake up this morning at 9:44 and get the baby. We sit in our chair in front of the computer and I go onto Google Chrome. My homepage is msn.com and the first little thing that...

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How do you deal?

I lost my babygirl April 21 2010 I am 18 years old and i can never find the right words to exlain how much my heart really does hurt I never thought id be this sad its been...


SD Horrible Grades! How Can We Help?

My step daughter is 10 and has Horrible grades this year. 2 C's, 2 D's, an E, and even an F! She has never had any problems until this year. The teacher told us at the teachers...

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Parents win

http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/health/2012/03/10/parents-get-2-9m-in-down-syndrome-girl-wrongful-birth-suit/ The parents of a four-year-old Oregon girl with Down syndrome were...

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Step children?!!

I have a 5yr old boy and a 14month old daughter and 5 months preg.My bf has a 3 yr old to his last partner,sh comes to stay once a month for 5 days because sh lives 6hrs from...