Pizza Dip

1 8 oz cream cheese 1 cup pizza sauce (any kind) 8 oz pk shredded mozzarella pepperoni Spread cream cheese in the bottom of a small baking dish or glass pan,...


Macaroni and Cheese Pizza

1 regular box Kraft (or other brand) Macaroni and Cheese 1 egg 1 cup shredded mozerella cheese 1 cup pizza sauce Pepperoni slices Mushrooms Green Peppers Diced Tomatoes Other...


Potato Crusted Pizza

POTATO CRUSTED PIZZA 12 medium potatoes 4 eggs 1 tbsp flour 2 cups jarred spaghetti sauce or pizza sauce Pizza Toppings – pepperoni, olives bacon, peppers etc 2 cups shredded...


Back to school lunch ideas?

I asked my own personal circle and expanding this out to see what other moms can give me as far as ideas for packing for back to school lunches..want to try some new options...

Started by Mindy on 07/27/2009 in Kids Over 10

Last update on 08/01/2009 by Susan


Need Help.!!!

I don't know a lot about cooking but I am great at following directions. I would love to start cooking, but want to cook healthy meals. My son is 16 months old and my daughter...


Easy Meal Ideas

As you know time is precious. I provide breakfast and lunch for my kids, but am soo tired of the same old meals. It seems like we are having the same things week after week....



I am looking for any kind of casseroles. i am a mother of 5 and wanna try something different for supper. thanks


quick and easy meatloaf recipe needed

i am in need of a quick and easy meatloaf recipe, my son likes meatloaf but i cant seem to find one thats quick and easy. i had a look in the supermarket today and what they...


Movie night recipes

So I was thinking of planning a movie night for my family (my 3 boys and husband) and I was trying to find some fun and easy recipes I could make. I don't want to make spend...


Carb free snacks, ideas please?

My son was diagnosed with Type 1 two weeks ago and we are just trying to get used to everything. If anyone has any ideas for some carb free snacks I would really appreciate it....


Needing New Snack and Lunch Ideas

Hey im looking for some new snack and lunch ideas to make for my son. I want to try some new and different things so my son doesnt get bored with his food. Hope you can help me.


something new!!!

i have 3 kids who aren't very fussy about what they eat!! I am looking for new recipes to try as i'm tired of cooking the same meals week in week out!! I live in the uk and we...