Any remedies for eczema,besides the steriod cream.

My 2&1/2 yr old daughter suffers bad, especially during the summer, from eczema. I hate to put the perscription cream on her all the time. Any suggestions would be much appreciated

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what is the best cream to use for her eczema

she is scratching so much and her eczema is flurring up. It also, interfers with her sleep. I do not know what to use on her. I tried hydrocortizone 2.5, vaseline, and oatmeal...

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What is a good home remedy

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itching like crazy and still swaddling at 9months

Hi, Is anyone having the same problem with their baby? My son has had dermatitis since about 2 months old and he still, if getting his hands free from his socks he wears on his...

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Yeast and CD

My 15 month old daughter has recently been battling a nasty yeast rash. We have a perscription cream thats been taking care of it but it is stubborn and keeps coming back. I did...



hi every 1 my little girl is 3 she has really bad eczema and has from being a baby . but i need help on trying 2 get her 2 stop scratching every night with out fail she will...

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help with eczema please?!?!?

My daughter has quite severe eczema which just seems to be getting worse! My doctor has prescribed a steroid cream but only wants me to use it occasionally, however her eczema...


Eczema...no sleep... HELP!

My son had Eczema all over his head for the past three weeks... He sleeps for about 30 mins then starts scratching until he bleeds then wakes up screaming... I got a...


hand eczema

Hey ive had hand eczema for over 10 yrs now. I really want to get rid of it for good. What works best for eczema? Ive tried so many steroid creams and ointments over the years....