poop removal!

just wondering the methods other moms have used to successfully remove poop off of fabrics..such as a car seat :)

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stains!!!! AHHHH! HELP! lol

send recommendations for the best all purpose stain remover/pretreater! we all hate stains...but i SUCK at gettting them out! needs to work on strawberries and cherries...

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Stains in diapers and clothes

I asked prior about how to get stains out of cloth diapers, the responses were to hang the diapers in the sun. However where I live it is winter and lots of snow. My clothes...


Progressive pet care

So I always used to do everything my dr told me, I thought a dr was practically infallible. Now I've found many many things I disagree with drs on. I don't blindly trust drs...

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ratio of mixture for urine smell

I have a small dog who has a habit of peeing and pooping in the house in between goign outside. My house now smells like dog urine and I noticed your post on peroxide but can't...


Smelly Rug

Our dog got sick and vomited and had diarrhea on my new rug. I cleaned the rug several times with OXY Pet stain remover and managed to get the spot out but a horrid odor...

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pee smell

My son is 3 and hes potty trained but he every once in a while has an accident and its in his room, the smell of pee is really bad in his room, anyone know how to get the smell...



if theres anything a mom wants to know its safe money saving ways to keep a clean home and there are so many out there that i think we should share what we know for example a...

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Cleaning urine from mattresses

Does anyone have a relatively simple and healthy method of cleaning urine stains from mattress? My children still wet the bed, and I have mattress covers on the beds, but I've...


How Do I get Child

My son has just started to potty train and this morning I walked into his room and he had his pullup and his pants off and his entire bed was wet. I walked in and I was like...

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