My 5 month old son and I live in South Dakota where the weather is very cold. Landon has been coughing a lot lately. It's a phlemy cough that sometimes makes him throw up. He...


2 year old neverending cough

Hi. I have a gorgeous and energetic 2 year old. His first year of life was pretty sheltered (not much outside influence) so he was never really sick, but since the...

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Bad cold

Hi my twins have a bad cold , there only 1 yr Old. I had a house call doctor come to the house To tell me it's nothing major just a regular virus And that I can't give them...

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transitioning a baby

My son was born with reflux and had colic. So needless to say he was a very fussy baby. The pediatrician said that he couldn't sleep flat on his back without having the reflux...



hi, my 4.5 month old is teething and has a cold at the moment. she's really snotty and phlemy, to the point of throwing up almost every feed. she's coughing alot to try to get...


Was the trip to the ER pointless?

I thought my nine month old was choking on something Thursday so we took him to the hospital. An echocardiogram was done, and everything checked out. Nothing was seen. He's...

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Wheezing Baby

My son was born end of March, so he's about 4.5 mths old now. The last few mornings I've noticed that it sounds like he's wheezing when he breathes and yesterday after nursing...

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I have been diagnosed with asthma. At night I was waking up feeling as I am choking and then coughing ALOT. Well now its even happening during the day. Any sugestions on keeping...

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my son has bronchitis

my son is 4mnths old and has bronchitis i have been using vicks and nebuliser and fess nasal spray but none of it seems to be helping, what should i do or try?