a penny aside

everytime you buy something put that change away in a piggy bank

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is there something else i can do???

My daughter is 4 and we have been dealing with her still peeing in her pants day and night. We started the whole potty training thing when she was 2 and she was doing great, no...

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Thumb sucking

My 6 year old sucks her thumb ALL the time. It seems like I've tried almost everything to get her to stop, but she still sucks away. I'm concerned now that her baby teeth have...

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Potty training...

My daughter, Raven, I've been potty training her for awhile. She runs around the house with nothing on her bottom. But, the last week, she's back to peeing all over the floor....


Potty training help

I have a two year old little girl. She loves to sit on the potty and tells us all the time that she has to go, but when she sits down nothing happens...we can sit and sit but...


How do you break a 6 yr old of whining?

Our son is 6yrs old...but looks 8...height wise and I would like to know how do I break him of constant whining?We send him to his room and tell him to shut the door but that...

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potty training

my little girl she is 2 years old she shows me signs she is ready to be potty trained then she pulls back i have 2 boys they were easy please help what can i do?

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In need of some HELP!!!

Sorry, i'm not much into saving money like my husband....I'm needing advice on how I can save money.....I'm a spender even when we don't have it......I seriously need some money...

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Potty training a little girl

My daughter will be 3 in Feb. We had tried potty training her shortly after her 2nd birthday and she did ok for a few days but became terrified of the potty. So we gave her a...

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Potty training my 2 1/2 year old daughter.

my daughter kalista acts like she wants to use the potty but when i put her on it she never goes. i have tried giving her stickers to decorate her chair when she goes in the...