Oreo balls

1 pkg crushed oreo cookies 1 pkg cream cheese 1 bag white chocolate chips combine oreos and cream cheese. Roll into balls. Melt white chocolate chips in microwave (about...


Oreo Dessert Bars

1/2 gal. vanilla ice cream 1(8 oz) container of Cool Whip Thawed 1 pkg Orea Cookies Soften ice cream and mix with cool whip. Crush cookies in large zip lock bag. Combine...


DEEP-FRIED OREOS ~ Yuuuuu-mmmmmmmmmy

DEEP-FRIED OREOS Oil for frying 1 large egg 1-cup milk 2-tsp vegetable oil 1-cup pancake mix 1 bag (18 ounce) pkg Oreos Heat oil in deep fryer to 375 degrees F. Whisk...


easy dessert

For a special treat 1 pkg Oreo cookies - or off brand 1 box Dream whip (2 packs in each box) or 3-4 packs of Always Save Whipped topping mix Take a bag of oreo cookies &...


St Patrick's day

Hi Ladies, Just wondering if anyone has a simple and easy recipe for St Patrick's day. Perhaps a salad or dessert? Would love to entertain with some friends but wanted to...


Wieght Watchers Recipies

Does anyone know some good wieght watcher recipies???? My baby is 5 months old and Im just now trying to loose my baby wieght. Can anyone help, please????


Summer time :)

Well school is almost out agian for summer (some schools are already out). As stay at home moms we provide the care and stimulation for our children while on school vacations....

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