Night Cloth Diapers

My mother-in-law made all my cloth diapers but they can't make it through the night without leaking. I am currently using disposables at night but would like to purchase some...


Cloth Diapers...

Can anybody tell me the basics of cloth diapering? Recommended brands? How many do you purchase to do a full switch from disposables?


Favorite diapers!

I'm a newbie...haven't even started cd'ing yet, but want to know...what are your favorite fitted, AIO, and covers? Oh...and wipes too! Also, what wipe solution do you like?...


Is this a good deal for newborns?

At www.nellsnaturalbaby.com, she's offering $25 a month for rental of newborn cloth diapers (24 of either Kissaluvs (without diaper covers) or bumGenius size 0... stating that...


What are your thoughts on cloth diapers?

I have been debating for a while now on switching to cloth diapers. I want to know what your thoughts are on them. Do they really save you money? What do you use to wash and how...

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i need diapers!

does anyone have any cloth diapers of any kind? i'm starting to make my own, but i'm not that good at it. if you are done with yours and want to get rid of them PLEASE let me know!

Started by Lisa on 12/03/2008 in Michigan Moms

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Advice please

I'm due in May. Last time around I wanted to use cloth.. but never did because I didn't have the resources I do now like my own washer dryer and the internet. I am intersted in...


New Baby - and I want to Cloth DIaper

I am expecting my 2nd baby in January and I am totally intrigued by cloth diapers. I am so obsessed with looking them up online that I have become overwhelmed and I need a place...


buying cotton cloth diapers...where?

we are moving in a few weeks and, alas, our using a diaper service must end. We own all our diaper covers, and I'd really like to continue with cloth diapering. What is a good...


Cloth diapers

Has anyone tried using cloth diapers with your twins? Is it just too much work? If you do use them...which ones did you like best? My girl does fine in the pampers but my boy...

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Your favorite cloth diaper website!

Besides this one :) We have a three-month-old, and we want to make the transition to cloth diapers. Even my husband is down! What are your favorite websites for all things...


Cloth diaper brands?

I was just wondering if anyone has tried out the Coolbaby cloth diapers or the OhMyBaby cloth diapers and what you thought of them?


Thoughts on cloth diapers . . . .

Ok, not really a debate, but I was wondering if anyone has used or made cloth diapers. I'd like to get some feed back. I want to try these all in one diapers that don't...

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