Am I The Only One?!

Ok, so this is kind of a rant / question... Am I the only mommy of an Autistic child who gets tired of hearing other moms, who don't have Autistic children, or even special...


2 yrs 7 months- still babbling

Hello everyone. When my son was 18 months I was concerned over his lack of speech. Everything else was on target but that. After a long evaluation with 3 different specialists,...


should i

a nice lady told me to come to this group to get more advice on cloth diaper and most of you know how they are used and how well they work and what not. i was wondering how...


How many children do you have?

I'm 24 and my husband and I are thinking about having about 3 or 4 children. I have a 9 12/ month old now and we were thinking about trying for the next one once my son is a...

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18 month old kicked out of daycare.. help!

So, yesterday (at 5:15p.m.) I received a call from the "owner" of the at home daycare my daughter went to. She called to tell me that my daughter had bit a little boy, and by...

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Bed time !

I'm really lax with bed time but we have a routine that is pretty consistent. With his nap being hit and miss lately, I've found his bed time has fluctuated a lot, but our...

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How long was your premature baby in NICU?

I was wondering how long everyone's babies were in the NICU. My son was born at 34 weeks and we have been here for 15 days so far. I feel like we should be discharged soon....

Started by Amanda on 07/05/2009 in Moms Of Preemies

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My 2 yr old grandson bites hits throws things..you discipline he laughs..nothing is working! I know you have to be consistent but it doesnt work..I dont know what to do anymore!...

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Youngest age for pump?

My daughter is two and I was just wondering how young your children are if they have the pump. I think she might be too young for now but was wondering what others think. Thanks!



I have a 9 month old who refuses to sleep in her bed. She will fall asleep in her pack n play, in our bed, on the floor, on the couch...but she wont sleep in her bed. The minute...


2 Year old with Anger Problems??

Ok so my son is 2 years old and has anger problems and its not just the normal terrible 2's It has gotten beyond that. I can't take him around his cousins because he's always...


Baby number two

My daughter is 7 months old and i already desperately want another baby. My husband and I agree its not the right time right now for another baby but it doesnt change this need...


What brand of diapers/wipes do you like best??

I am just curious to see what are the best diapers and wipes for your babies(y). Also, I think it will help some of the new moms that have no clue which brand to get for their...

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sahms needing help..

So i peruse the boards and i see alot of sahms complaining that they have to do everything, laundry, cook, keep the kids..etc, and that their husbands don't help alot. Like come...

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Teething Poop and Sore Bums

Little guy when he is teething gets the sorest bum and no matter how much naked time or how quick I change him seems to help... ANY OTHER HELPFUL HINTS out there?? He woke up...