giving sugar to a toddler

my daughter is 15 months old , and she drinks nothing except water in her sippy cup and milk of course in the evening , when i give her weet bix for breakfast i put 3 weetbix...


Blankets on at night?

Any tips for how to keep your toddlers' blankets on at night? We live in Michigan and it's starting to get pretty cold at night. My twin toddlers are both super active...

Started by Rebecca on 11/13/2010 in Toddlers

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No plans for more children

I was just wondering how many do not plan to have anymore children? Right now my husband and I are sure that we are happy only having one and do not plan to have anymore.


Sippy Cup to a real cup?

Sorry if this has already been posted but all I have found is advice on switching from a bottle to a sippy cup not an actual cup with no lid. What age did your kids start...

Started by Shauna on 01/16/2012 in Stay At Home Moms

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bottle in morning and at bedtime

hi. my son is 14months and still has a bottle in the morning and at bedtime. he drinks baby juice and water during the day from a bottle with a straw in. shoudl he be using a...


wanting another baby

im 20 yrs old and my son will be two in just a few months and i want another baby. me and my boyfriend have been talking about but im in college and want to stay. i feel torn...

Started by Shae on 12/28/2010 in Toddlers

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ABCs and colors

My son has finally learned his ABCs and basic colors. Have most children his age (about 2 1/2) learned these already?

Started by Jessica on 10/04/2010 in March 2008 Babies

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15 months n still using a bottle =/

my son is 15months n still using the bottle. i've tried everything bt he jst wont leave the bottle. he throws all the cups n sippy cups away n cries for the bottle until he gets...


I need your opinion!

What are the pros and cons of cloth diapers? What about cloth diapers with disposable inserts? Any good brands?

Started by Laura on 08/17/2010 in Moms Under 30

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HELP!! Diaper Rash..?

I think my baby has a diaper rash going on. He's had a really red, sore bum for a lil over a week now. It started off from diarrhea, which cleared up after a few days, and his...



I'm having trouble with my 2.5 year old boy..he can't stop breastfeeding and I can't stand him crying so I give in...help!!!don't know what to do?


Circumsized baby but don't look it....

My son is now 6 months old. He was circumsized at birth. Ever since he was about a month old we have had to push the foreskin back to keep it from covering his penis. I think...

Started by Nichole on 03/23/2010 in Circumcised Boys

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Help! Diaper changes have become a nightmare!

Diaper changes with our 8 1/2 month old have become an absolute nightmare. It is something like having a wresting match with Hulk Hogan. She will arch her back and try to take...

Started by Penny on 02/25/2010 in June 2009 Babies

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