Do you PARENT to PLEASE others?

I most certainly do not.I am 100% happy and confident in how i parent.I dont feel in anyway less of a mother if I'm doing it differently to another. I feel for the moms who...

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Extended Breastfeeding

This is the continuation of a debate that was started in another group. There are many benefits of extended breastfeeding. Here's an article about extended breastfeeding:...


Toddler Bed or Stay in Play Pen?

OK. My daughter has pretty much almost destroyed her play pen that she sleeps in, we have never had the money to buy her a crib so she has always slept in her play pen. My pell...

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Anyone's October 2011 baby walking yet?!

My first son started walking just short of 9 months, so I wondered if we had any earlier walkers in the group. Are any of your babies walking yet? My baby, 9 months on the...

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how much does your april baby weigh??

my son was born on april 1th 2009 at 7lbs 13ozs and 21 1/2inches long..now at 7months he is 27lbs and 28 inches tall ..ya i know he is big..lol...but he can sit on his own and...

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Thinking about Cloth Diapering

I'm due in June, so I've started thinking early. Finances are really tight in my household presently, and was thinking of doing cloth diapers. I was looking for any...


Discipline of a terrible two!

My daughter is 2 1/2. I recently quit my job and am a stay at home mom until something better comes along....I don't know how our baby-sitter does it all the time! One week and...

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What to teach a 1 year old?

My son is a year old and he is picking up on things very quickly so I'd love some ideas of what to teach him. He finally watches Your Baby Can Read and I'm going to start sign...

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Over Praising?

Check out the link below. How do you feel about the article? Do you praise your children? http://www.homeeducator.com/FamilyTimes/articles/10-2article4.htm


HELP! Staying in bed, going crazy

MY daughter who just turned two has been in a big bed now for nearly 3-4 months but she will not stay in her bed i have tried everything it can sometimes take from 30 mins to 2...


ready for big bed??

hey just wondering my daughter is 20 months now and after reading some things on here, im startin to wonder when you know when its time for her to go into a proper bed. she...


Where is your 2 year at verbally?

My son has some words going on, but its very limited, I would say he knows and says clearly for the most part 20-30 words. I get SO jealous when I hear my nephew, who is 5...


New to the Group

I am a 9th grade English teacher of Pre-AP and gifted and talented students in Carrollton, TX. I do not know what this forum is about other than swapping ideas with other...

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Some advice plz!

My son is 3 years old, understands both english and french, talks a bit when he wants to but not as much as many other children his age. He started walking early potty trained...


Dad's new girlfriend

I have a problem I sure could use some advice on...And that's my kids dad has a girlfriend that I would just love to beat...Ok here is the story...My ex husband moved a woman in...