My son, 9yr, has trouble reading.

He is in a special education program at school. They have said that it is not dyslexia, but an auditory disorder. I guess he hears things differently that what is said, but I am...



I didn't find this community so decided to start it myself. I lost my husband Joe on July 26, 2007 to Pancreatic Cancer at age 30. I have a 3 year old boy. I wanted to network...

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Okay how old is too old

How old is too old to continue breast feeding. I have a 2 year old and only nurses at night before bed. It's our few minutes and puts him fast asleep. The only problem is...

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am I nuts?

I just want to know that I am not alone...my son is about 6 mo, and lately I have been getting a lot of anxiety because of thoughts that keep flooding my head about all of the...



Hi all -- A friend just invited me to circle of Moms and I found this group. Since there isn't an introduction conversation, I thought I'd start one. I'm a Presbyterian...

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Violent 13 month old

My 13 month old is extremely violent towards me. She usually hits me when I take her something from her, etc. She also bites and today she started pinching my face. Any tips on...


My 12 year old son talking back

My son is very Opinionated and always has a Answer for everything and he always wants the last word. He thinks everything funny and makes a joke about everything. It's making it...


Please input on this name

I am 36 weeks pregnant and we are still trying to decide on a boys name. We like names that are unique for our daughter who is 17 months her name is Zaeva Jane-Marie. The name...

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Do you feel that Masturbation is a sin?

In YOUR opinion Why or why not Can it be a healthy release? If you feel that the Genatlas are made for reproduction only…then why do we have nerves? Why does the right...

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