over 40 yr old mum/grandmum!

Thanks for the invite to this group. I am currently 43 years & have raise 3 biological children & am currently raising my step-son who is almost 13. I am also raising my...

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My 2 kids are both December babies!!!!

Hi everyone.My beautiful Sophie was born on 13th dec 2005,a little surprise she was!!Then just last year my gorgeous son Nicholas was born on 3rd dec 2008,we tried for 7 mths to...


anyone out there on clomid. Hows it going?

I am on my third cycle of clomid. Trying for my third baby and have been trying for nearly three years. Every month i am not pregnant i get so downhearted. I hope this works. I...

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She's driving me crazy....

My husband's ex common law partner is driving me CRAZY! They have a 4 year old son together, who lives with me and my husband. She cuts me out of every part of his life she can....

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Losing the flap after c-section

all I can ask is How??? is there anything specific I should be doing? yoga? Pilates? WHAT>?>???

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Baby shower gift

I just found out someone I know that is close to me is pregnant. I was wondering if anyone got a really good gift for their shower or went to a shower where a really good gift...

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My son is now 4 weeks old and does not feed for very long. Lots of people have told me he is just an efficant feeder. He will finish a feed in 5 -15 min (if i'm lucky). None...

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Sleeping with a Blanket... SID's?

My 5 month old likes to sleep with a blanket on his face. He pulls it over his face and falls right to sleep for naps and when he goes to bed at night. My sister inlaw said that...

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Losing a child

My water broke at 19 weeks the doctors sent me back home and at 20 weeks me and my husband lost our son. He weighed 10 ounces. The issue that confuses me the most if I told he...


my 12 year old daughter

Listen I don't need negative feedback from mothers but more so some positive answers or direction. I just found out a couple hours ago my 12 year old was pregnant, I work swing...


How much should a Dad do?

Ok, so I kind of stole this from the Welcome page, but it seemed to provoke some debate, so thought I'd ask here! If you're a SAHM, should the Dad get up in the night too, or...

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Leave him or continue with the relationship...

My fiance and I have fought almost nonstop since the birth of our daughter. I told him I think we need to go to a counselor together to work on our relationship. He doesn't help...

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