i am constantly peeved when people are induced as they went a whole DAY 'overdue' or just start to stress out after that day (being tired of preg is different) why on earth has...


Illegal Baby Names...

http://uk.lifestyle.yahoo.com/blogs/yahoo-lifestyles/10-illegal-baby-names-194006397-3.html When I saw the title of this, before I read the article, all I could think was:...

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Sympathy for addictions?

I've seen a few threads about addictions lately, and i'm wondering about the different levels of sympathy people have for different types of addiction. For example, there was...

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Making up reasons

As a mother of an only, by choice, I have often had such harsh criticism from others that I have thought of making up a medical reason for not having another child. It seems...


"mumma's guilt"

Anyone suffer from "mumma's guilt". It seems unfair, but most days when the day is done and I am in bed I often go through the day in my head and feel bad for things I know I...

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Another baby? Already?

My second daughter was born September 21st. My husband is already talking about baby #3. He says he wants another baby. I do too... But I'm not sure about right now. My...


lost my little girl

i lost my little girl a year ago to and undiagnosed as yet condition which left her completely disabled, blind, unable to feed or communicate. she was born perfectly healthy and...


Poly-visol drops or vitamin drops??

My dughters ped told me that i HAVE to do the vitamins, because breastmilk doesn't have enough vitamin C!!! What the hell i thought that breastmilk was the perfect food?...


conflicting stories on abortion....

A while ago, there was a woman on the news b/c her boyfriend had beaten her pretty badly, and she was pregnant, to which after the beating, the 2 1/2 month old pregnancy had...

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is 45 too late ????

Hi i am a mum of four oldest twenty youngest 14 but in a new relationship of five years with someone much younger who does nt have children yet, I have been agonising over the...

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driving after giving birth

I have been wondering if the doctor has told you that you can't drive after delivery. If so, were there any circumstances for this or was it routine? Also, how long was it that...

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What do you do over the summer?

During the summer I play with my daughter and work my part time job as a Pampered Chef consultant. I was wondering what other moms who are teachers spend their summers doing.

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